Company Vision

  • To keep a strong position as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of natural aroma and mint ingredients.
  • To forever enhance the performance of the company by full utilization of its current resources (i.e. as time, money, equipment, materials, space, people, etc.)
  • To be loyal to customers, suppliers and employees.
  • To venture into new, breakthrough areas of opportunity.
  • To establish rules and policies, design of systems, making decisions, executing instructions, and so on in terms of people's health, safety, self-esteem, feelings, and opinions.
  • To help in increasing valued added goods for exports, finding out better and cheaper substitutes for imports and helping in increasing exports for building the foreign exchange reserves to meet the import bills.

Fair Trade Policy

We at BAPL have a great faith in our farmers and as appreciation we share our profit with them to honor their hard work in producing a great harvest. We are all in for the Fair Trade Policy. If and when possible, we also promote and support education of farmers.If they intend to grow towards gaining the technical knowledge, BAPL goes with hands full both in cash and kind.Thus,we follow the fair trade policy and share a part of our profit imbibing happiness in the farmers.We are generously supporting the industry and endeavour to take it to higher levels.