Company Overview

If you've got a taste for the sweet and a nose for a scent, then Banwari Aromas Pvt Ltd is your kind of a company. We are a dynamic and an independent Government recognized export house engaged in the export of mint products and other essential oils since the year 2000. We are the creators and manufacturers of Mint Products, Essential Oils, Aromatic Chemicals, Perfumes, Fragrances and Flavours. Our extensive consumer research gives us an insight into the needs and desires of the consumers and the kind of products that suit them. We leave no stone unturned to satiate their desires and bring quality products to the market.Our product offerings include specialty mint ingredients and mint blends, customized to the needs our customers. Our R&D center is well established and caters to developing new products, on a pro-active basis as well based on the brief given by our customers. Our focus is on improving our existing range and expanding into complementing aromatic chemicals.We provide our customers with the best of values and services and believe in creating a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with both suppliers and consumers. We have a friendly and an innovative workplace which allows the employees to utilize their full potential and take the company to greater heights. Our team comprises highly qualified, experienced and dynamic individuals who carry out the company’s activities with meticulous care whilst combining creativity with knowledge. We are credible and competent.You can count on us!